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Lourdes Fernandez dancing flamenco with a Manila shawl

Lourdes Fernandez began to dance at the age of five. From that moment all her life unfolded through the learning of flamenco. She studied dance at the Conservatory of Madrid (1993-2004). She has a degree at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid (2005-2009)  and completed a Masters in Performing Arts at the same university (2009-2010). She also taught dance at Saint Louis University in Madrid and  participated at the International Gala of Dance for UNESCO.

An uneasy restlessness filled her soul and she decided to search for new challenges out of her comfort  zone.  Lourdes arrives in London in 2012 to work as a flamenco dancer.

Since then, she has performed in renown venues such as Ronnie Scott's, Union Chapel, The Forge and Richmix. In addition,  Lourdes has attended different festivals around United Kingdom like City of London Festival, Jazz Festival of Birmingham and Brighton Festival.

Currently she is working as dancer and choreographer  at different companies  in London like Alma Gitana, Ida & Vuelta ensemble, Prana company and some art organisations such as Live & Local.  

In addition,  she teaches at Escuela de Baile Flamenco for all levels and she runs flamenco workshops for various colleges across London. 

Lourdes is constantly looking to develop new forms of expression to enrich the language of  Flamenco. She is currently planning new shows in and outside London.The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of her soul.

Lourdes Fernandez

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