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Flamenco rhythms resonates through the wooden boards of the stage bringing the theatre to life in a powerful and dynamic outburst of shapes, movements, musical energy and fiery passion. 


The soulful sounds from the guitar resonate and develop a dialogue with the haunting percussive rhythms of the cajon creating an inquisitive and pulsating beat that carries you to the heart of Andalusia. 


The voice weeps in the distance, a threnody from the soul. 


Gradually each and every instrument create a poetic and thematic language that empowers you through a journey of whole-hearted emotions. Ramon Ruiz truly transforms feelings into melodies, pain and happiness into musical beauty. You can sense the outpour of emotions when listening to his latest album "Calle Lunga", a flamenco evolution project influenced by Middle-Eastern and Asian musical genres. 





Monica Garcia 's haunting voice embraces naturally the sounds of the instruments guiding the listener through the nuances of the flamenco tradition.

The powerful and dynamic dance, an essential part of the show, goes hand in hand with the music adding a new dimension to the sound. Not only does it add force to the percussive music as quite clearly displayed in the dance arrangement of the "zapateado" but also adds light and shades that are a typical feature in the flamenco form. Ramon feeds off the aesthetic beauty of the dance creating melodies that ignite the spirit of the flamenco dancers giving the audience a sense that a storm of movements and fiery rhythms are about to unleash. 


Attractive choreographies created by Anita la Maltesa, Ollie Giffin and Lourdes Fernandez, elegant and seductive dancers that draw shapes with their bodies, arms and dresses. They differ in styles but blend homogeneously with their perfect pirouettes and synchronised foot tapping. 

The exuberayting technique and strength of the footwork, the thumping beats of the percussion and clapping, the passionate force of "duende" evoked in this bittersweet flamenco spectacle, not to be missed!



Guitar - Ramon Ruiz 

Voice - Monica Garcia

Percussion - Ayoze de Alejandro

Cello - Sergio Serra

Dancer - Anita la Maltesa

Dancer - Ollie Giffin 

Dancer - Lourdes Fernandez 

Photos - Anna Kunts 

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